Date Range Formula

This seems like it should be an easy formula, but I haven’t been able to crack it.
I want to create a formula that identifies a date and gives it a title.
IF({Date}>DATE(2021, 4, 1),“Q1”,“Q2”)

^^For example, I got this to work. Any date greater than April 1,2021 is noted as Q2.

BUT NOW I want to add in, AND any date less than June 30.

Surely someone has done a date range???

Hello ashleysturm,
Why don´t you try on the reverse mode? Then, try “if´s”…

IF({Date} < DATE(2021, 4, 1),“Q1”, IF({DATE}<DATE(2021, 6, 30), “Q2” … )

@ashleysturm ,

Here you go, for any year:


or, for 2021 only:


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