Deactivated and Deleted Members showing up on boards

I recently noticed that Deleted and Deactivated members are showing up on all my boards… is this happening to any of you? I noticed this started happening a few days ago.

Hey Rose!

I tested this on my end and it appears that this is expected at this time. You are able to rename the deleted member incase this helps, however the deleted member will remain in the subscribes section of the boards.

I am going to reach out to our internal team about this, as I can see how this can create some mess in the subscribers section :pray:

Thanks for replying. It wasn’t happening a few days ago and now all of sudden it’s appearing on all the boards. I don’t see the purpose of a bunch of accounts that don’t exist showing up and overcrowding whose on the board currently. I think this is a bug. I can’t imagine having a organization bigger organization and dealing with this on a larger scale.

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Thanks for this information Rose - totally understand that this seems a bit strange! We have reached out to the dedicated team and will follow up here as soon as we hear back. If we need to get out team investigating this behaviour, I will reach out via a private message!