Remove Person but still subscribed to project

I have a graphics column for the specific person working on that project. Sometimes they need to transfer it to a different person so they remove their name and add the new person into the column.

However, the first graphics person is still subscribed which means they still receive all the notifications.

Do they have to manually remove their name from the subscribed menu or can I do something to make this automatic?

Hi @kswiss50, Kendall,

Do you mean by “still subscribed” that the person initially assigned to a task is still subscribed after they removed their name from the Person column? There is a difference to subscribed to a board (only people subscribed in shareable boards have access) and assigned to a task (through the Person column).

Every user can change the notifications in their profile. You can select which notification you want to receive. Does that help?

Thanks for that. To answer your question, yes. They are still getting notifications and the project shows in their view after I remove them from the People column and the Item Subscriber list. You can see the girl in the first photos and then BM shows up.

BM and the product manager is listed in the second image in the item subscribers list but not the girl.

I attached screenshots to show this.

People Column

Item Subscribers

Hi @kswiss50, Kendall,

Understood. There is a difference between subscribed / access to a board (will also show in their list of boards) and assignment of a task in a people column. Both serve different purposes. If you want to board not to show up in somebody’s list, you have to remove access at board level. There are 3 types of boards: main, private and shareable. Main boards will be visible to all people in your account (no possibility to unsubscribe people), private boards will only be visible to you (the owner of the board) and the people invited by you. Shareable boards are much like private boards, but you can also invite external people (guests) on a shareable board.

Inviting people to a board is done by clicking the indicated icon (top right). Adding / deleting people in a people column does not have any influence on who is seeing what.
Hope this hints you in the right direction.

Thanks. I’m not trying to remove her from the board however. It’s like there is an issue by keeping the first person assigned to the project even though they were removed from the People column and the item subscribers. (unless I’m missing something, there is no other way to tie a person to that specific project)

The view I showed in the image is her view so she needs to she all her other projects but this project was transferred to another graphics person (BM) and for some reason it shows up on both boards.

Hope this makes sense.

OK, I see. How do you remove her out of the person column (graphics), she looks to be the assigned person for the first 7 items and item #8 is assigned to BM. You can’t hide items for a specific person, but you can change board permissions so she can’t change anything with the item assigned to BM.

Are you looking for a way people not listed in a people column don’t see that item? That i snot possible unfortunately.

Hi @kswiss50

Just wanted to let you know there was post from monday today regarding this subject, See below.

Aviram here, a product manager at, thanks for the feedback!

We are currently working to enable item level viewing permissions, meaning limiting viewing of items to ones the user is assigned to in any people column. This will be available in the coming months to Enterprise tier paying customers.

Hope we’ll have some exciting updates soon!

Your assumption is correct because that is her view and should only see her projects. Same goes for everyone else on the board because I have views setup by the Graphics column.

However, after she removed her self from that project and removed her self from the item subscribers list, the project still stayed in her view as shown in the image. She also gets notification even though nothing is tying her back to this project.

This seems to be an error not a permissions issue.

Hi @kswiss50

Looks like you are expecting that an item is not shown to people not assigned to it in the people column. This is not how monday is working, as long as you are a member of the board, you will see everything on that board. If you think you are hitting a bug I advise you to connect to the support team by hitting the question mark in your board.