Losing information across shared boards


I have several shared boards where I have a “Client” (People) column. These boards are where the guests of the board are made the client when a pulse is created. When I move these pulses to another shared board that our Print Shop uses (the clients do not have access to this board), I lose the Client info. I have a “Client” column on the Print Shop shared board as well but the client who was assigned to the pulse disappears when the pulse is moved to the Print Shop board. It used to not disappear but it seems as if there was an update or something that is now causing that information to be deleted. When I move the pulse back to the shared board that the client has visibility to, I have to re-add the client back to the pulse. Is the reason why this is happening because the Client is not on the Print Shop board?


Hey @chennel

Thanks for reaching out with this!

Can you send over screenshots of your boards? Are the clients subscribed as guests on both boards? I wasn’t sure form your message but if they are not then they won’t show in the second board people column because they are not subscribed to that board.

If they are on both, it could be that one of the boards is an older board and uses a person instead of a people column, which is a change we made.

Could that be the case?

Thanks for the quick response! The client is not subscribed on both boards. I figured that might be why they don’t stay assigned in the client column. :smile:

Hey Chennel

You’re welcome!

Yes that’ll be it - you’ll need to invite them to both boards to assign them on both boards. If not, you can use another indicator than the person/people column to show they are assigned.

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