Creating a client list in one board, scheduling them in another

Hey there,
I am currently testing monday for the usual trial period, trying to learn the basics and functionalities.

First I created a board for a client directory, trying to add data for each client (phone number, etc.) and assign them a person from my team. This board works great as a directory for all client information.
This is how it looks right now:

Now I want to use these clients names or pulses for a weekly planning board with calendar view, basically linking single clients to another board, depending on when they are supposed to be in a meeting, while still having the assigned team members appear.

I can’t figure it out right now and thought I’d ask if something like this is even possible without creating every client twice. Once for the directory board and once for the calendar/planning board.

Maybe someone already tried something like this.


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I think you could solve your problem buy using Link & Mirror columns. Link this board to your planing one, and use Mirror to show rest of the information from Client Database that you need.

At the moment at work so cant write more detailed, but i am pretty sure this would solve your need.


Thanks for the suggestion! Mirrors and Linking works as intended, but the big problem is, that the item names won’t change in the scheduling board. That means, that I can link the clients from the list I showed in my screenshot above just fine, but the item name in the scheduling view then has to be something generic as to not confuse people. I wish I could import the item names directly.

It currently looks like this:

That sadly leaves the “New Item” column as something I have to fill with some descriptive name that doesn’t confuse people, while I would love to just have the Mirror replace it. That does not seem possible however. Or is it?

Additionally , that means the calendar view is obsolete now, since it only shows the item names and not the client names I mirrored. Is there any way I can tell the calendar to show only specific data?

What I want is to create pulses/items inside the planning board based on the names of exisiting pulses/Items inside the client list board, without having to actually type the name or resort to having to display the client name twice in one row.

I also read about shared views across boards. Is that something I can utilize here?

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I am in serious need of this functionality too!! If the pulse name is the same in both boards, it should automatically link to that pulse without having to add a column, select which pulse to link, and then rename the pulse again.

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Thanks for the support @cwenger ! I am now copying and pasting the item names from board to board. For now. I would really wish there would be a solution for not having to leave the board you are currently working in.

Try an automation in your client board to create a pulse in another board based on a status column and link and mirror back. For example, you can have a status column next to your client ClientName, Schedule Meeting. When “yes”, the automation will create an item in the Meeting Board with a name and format you predetermine such as “ClientName Meeting”. You will be able to to link this back to the client board without ever having to really open the meeting board. We like this concept because it treats each Meeting has it’s own item, creating a place to store notes and docs.

Hey @abiciea
Thanks for the ideas! This is definitely something I haven’t looked into yet. It almost solves my problem. I now created an additional Status column with two options: No meeting and unresolved meeting. If I mark a client out of the client list with an planned meeting status the client gets created inside the meeting/timetable board. With the full name in the right place.

But for most of the staff, the client directory isn’t the board where most things happen. After it is accumulated with data, team members would want to schedule meetings from inside the board that also has the calendar view and directly correlates to the weekly schedule, since its more user friendly and visual that way (speaking from the perspective of less computer savyy people).

Nonetheless, this goes in the right direction and definitely can be used, so thanks again!

Great! Did you try creating a dashboard? In one spot you will be able to see a Table and Calendar view from various boards.