Exiting Employee's & Reallocating Boards

Can’t seem to track much information down on this specific topic.

Wanting to know how people deal with employees leaving the business and transferring their boards/ tasks for distribution across the remaining team.

So far as I can tell (currently on a Pro Plan) there’s no way for Admin to see a list of boards created by user and therefore which boards need to be reallocated. Likewise - there doesn’t seem to be visibility on a users Private Boards (not content, just proof of their existence). How would an admin go about allocating that information if the user needed to be deactivated?

Do we just have to rely on the specific user to open up access or subscribe admin to their boards (seems kind of risky)?

Would love to hear how others are managing this.


Hello, you can do this in an Pro Plan from
ADMIN options
then go to USERS
and then go to BOARD OWNERs

then you can assign new owners to boards when original owner is going to be desactivated.

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But you do not get a list of boards, owned by that person, right?
Thank you!

I tested this yesterday - once you transfer across the boards, you’ll receive and email which lists all the boards and groups them into board type (main/private/shareable).

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