Defining variables in Formula column

Hi all! I’ve worked up a longer-than-normal formula that I need to call several times in an IF statement, meaning what’s in the Formula column is a bit overwhelming. Is there a way to define that formula as, say, a variable, like you would if you were coding? For example:

myFormula = my complicated formula
IF(myFormula = 0, “”, myFormula)

I’m probably thinking about this wrong, but is there a way to do something like this in the Formula column?

  • Andrew

Hi @SharkBait00haha - I am not sure what the “complicated formula” looks like, but you could have it in a separate formula column (lets call it “Complicated Formula”) then reference that column in your formula with the IF statement.

IF({Complicated Formula}=0,“”,{Complicated Formula})

Hope this helps,


So RIGHT before you sent this, I came to this same conclusion: Use an entire column as a variable and then call that column when I need it in another formula. Thanks for the response! - While this solution does work, I would absolutely LOVE the ability to do all my “coding” in one column. Would be very interested to see what an enhanced formula UX would look like.

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