Dependencies across the boards in single workspace

I have a single workspace with 5 boards. Each board obviously has groups and each group has its own tasks.
Some tasks are dependent on the completion state of other tasks which are found in other groups or even other Boards (every board has an owner)
How can I include specific tasks from specific groups in different a Board as a dependency? I don’t want to link the whole board as the columns are not identical across all boards. I only want to add that:
Task A from Group B in Board X is dependent on Task C from Group A in Board Y.
I don’t want to mirror. I don’t want to link. I only want to reference and note the existence of this task and dependency, and once that is completed I want the user of this task to be notified that he can now commence.
Aside from not having an actual professional Gantt chart export, this has to be the second most frustrating function (lack therof)…


@YERIO could you not work with just the text and call the column Dependent on? Since there are no further actions connected correct? And then you can assign the person in the people column and have an automations that when the column change notify (person)