Determine automation being triggered from logs

Is there a way I can determine exactly which automation or integration that triggers an event.

Currently have an integration that sends SMS, but going through the automations and integrations, I cannot find what is triggering the SMS to send so I can switch it off!

Checked the integrations activity log and it is not there either! Help!

I can access the Monday API.

Screenshot of the log below:

Hey @Kofi,

It looks like the automation appears in the updates section of an item in a specific board. To confirm, when scanning through the automations in your board, you cannot identify the recipe being triggered? Can you confirm which integration you’re using to send the text?

I am using Twilio to send the sms.

Yes, I can confirm I cannot identify the triggering recipe.

I’d like a way to know which automation or integration triggered the creation of the update as in the image.

It does not appear to be the Twilio app directly, because no sms appears to have been sent, so it could be an automation or integration that is creating the update, but I dont know how to check and be very sure, without going through the 100+ automations individually.

Thanks for your reply Kofi!

Can you please try using the search bar and search update? It appears that the automation is creating an update in the item when it’s triggered.

Alternatively, can you identify what is triggering the text being sent? For example, a status change, specific person being assigned, etc? This should help us narrow down what to search!