Determining which boards are subitem boards

Hello, I’m trying to determine when I query for query {boards {...}} how to filter out subitem boards.
So far I’ve noticed that in my case all subitem boards have "pos": "65536.0", and their name starts with “Subitems of [other board name]”.
However I’ve also noticed that nothing prevents me from naming a board “Subitems of X” and also have another board called “X”.

Is there a way to determine which boards are subitems boards?

Hey @mitko-slapdash :wave:

Thank you for reaching out and asking a great question!

To be transparent with you, I would say that the position and name values are your best bet to determine if a board is a subitem board at the time. I would avoid naming boards “Subitems of X” manually, if that would make sense in your workflow, as that could cause potential confusion.

What do you think? Let me know.


Thanks for the quick reply @AlexSavchuk! Couple more questions:

  • Is the position always guaranteed to equal “65536.0” for subitem boards?
  • How does the client determine not to show them in the UI at the top level?

For some background: We provide a sync+search service ( to users who would connect, so we can’t tell them not to name their boards a certain way. And we’d like to find a reliable way to dismbiguate between top-level boards and subitem boards - otherwise these Monday users would have a bad experience.


Thank you for circling back with me and providing more context to your query! That makes sense for sure.

It does seem like all the subitem boards I could query on my accounts always have the 65536.0 position, but it appears that other boards that are not sub-item boards can potentially have the same position as well during testing. One more thing I noticed is that the sub-item board will always follow the board kind of the original board:

But, subitem boards will always have a null folder id value:

I hope this helps - I definitely agree this could be a little more straightforward with a specific object/value you could query. I’ll pass that as an improvement suggestion to the team :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking into it @AlexSavchuk
In the examples that you show, I don’t see any non-subitem board with pos “65536.0” and all subitem boards have that pos.
Having some kind of flag “isSubitemBoard”: true/false would be optimal, but if there’s another way to determine automatically, we can use that too. Even querying another API can be OK too.