Display project status commentary (long text on dashboard or pulse views

We have recently implemented Monday.com for our project governance. We use a single Programme dashboard to present our projects to our governance stakeholders. We present project commentary (Executive Summary, Achievements, Next Steps, Challenges) to our stakeholders (View access) via an Information Card on a pulse view.
We would like the ability to display a Long Text field commentary in a presentable format to Viewer stakeholders on a dashboard and pulse view.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Allow a user to change how many lines can be displayed for each item in a dashboard table widget
  • Allow View access users to be able to see Text widgets in a pulse view.
  • Create a text widget that can pull text/long text columns from a board and display them in a readable format on a dashboard

This would be equally useful for our organisation.

I can’t agree with the need for this more. Even if the table widget could be told to display/format a row to display the full text of a long text, that would do it. My high-level stakeholders don’t want to interpret text in single row height fields, which is a limitation of the table widget.