How Can I Make My Table Graphically Visual?

Hi! I’m new to Monday. I’m creating a new system for documenting project requests, so what I have so far is a table with lots of fields (project overview, city, budget, etc.). While I love spreadsheets and seeing information left-to-right, I would like to see if there’s a way that each project record/row on the table can be formatted in a way that looks more…visual. Like a customized board layout with text boxes linked to certain fields from my table. That way, my superiors can easily look at each project request/row on the table like it’s a record.

I feel like the answer lies in Board Views, but is there an app or integration to do this? Thanks!

Hello @MarcYuMusic ,

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I believe what you are looking for is to use a Dashboard and its widgets, which is the best way to visualize any information that you have on your boards.

I have no doubt you will find the Chart widgets especially useful.

You can learn more about Dashboards and the Chart widget here and here.

Let me know should you need any help!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

The chart widget is useful, thank you! That said, I need to see each record on its own. On my table, I have Project Request A on Row 1, Project Request B on Row 2, and so forth. I would like to be able to see each project request individually on a custom layout, rather than a chart that summarizes my entire table.

I’m aware that I can just filter a specific record, but I also want to be able to have text on the dashboard that are linked to specific fields, like Column C (“Request Overview”) or Column D (“Description of Facilities”).

Is it possible to have text on the dashboard (like a text box), and then link that to a specific column from the table? That way, if I pull up Project Request A, the text box will show the “Request Overview” from Row 1. The goal is so that my supervisors can review each request on a custom layout, rather than looking at it on the table.

Here is a mockup: