Alternate Dashboard Views

Is it possible, using either a third-party application or the baseline of, to include a table view instead of a line graph / chart for values in a given board?

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There are two options within a Dashboard you can use to show a table type view:

  1. Table Widget - in the widget library, you can add the table to the dashboard and hide the columns you don’t need and easily access everything.

  2. Split View - if you are using a graph, you can do a split view and if you use dynamic column fields such as a status column, you can click on the graph and auto filter to the type of item you are looking for.

Hope this gives you some ideas and feel free to reach out directly!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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This was the right path forward - do you know if there’s a way when exporting to PDF to have it display the contents of the table widget?

Hi There,

You can export a table widget to Excel if needed. You can also do a PDF export of hte entire dashboard and just have the table widget be on that dashboard as well.

Either will work.

Glad we found a solution for you!