Richer Customization of Dashboards (Widgets for Links, Rich Text, Titles, Images, Web Content, Metrics)

We are an investment firm that works with multiples companies. With so much information flowing between different teams and entities, we find it helpful to have centralized places that not only display our results or progress but also house or link to all of our other key resources. As we move more and more of our workflows to, it would be really helpful to be able to have more flexibility with the type of content we use the with the dashboards. This would include adding widgets for key metrics, links to other resources/sites, rich text, Titles, images, and web content like forms. It would also be awesome if there was a way to display charts in the dashboards fed in from other data sources in addition to data stored in

Here is a link to some of a competitor’s dashboard options. I’d love to have the same kind of optionality in

Hi @jpanganiban - not with Monday, but working on widget boilerplate system for the current hackathon.

Just curious from what locations would you like to pull data from? Other online platforms, business specific databases or a mixture of both?

Hi there. For us it would be a mixture of both. If we just had the ability to connect and visualize data from a SQL db (we often use Google BigQuery) or a MongoDB database, it would create a lot of flexibility for us.