Creating dashboards to drive engagement and integration of KPIs, OKRs, LOE, projects...and more

Hi there, we’re a small remote team of 12 using Monday, wondering how to integrate various boards we use to make them all more manageable, interlinked, and ultimately, drive engagement for their use (a constant battle). E.g. we have a board for OKRs, a board for LOE (level of effort), project boards, hopefully soon KPIs for each person…wondering how to make these all connected in a fun way to make everyone take charge of them more. I’ve played around with dashboard integrations but it’s not super easy to build. Are there people out there who have done this, any tips? Or any experts who could take a look and give us feedback on how to make the most of Monday’s features? Thanks!

Hi @OliviaH, welcome to the community! What you are looking to accomplish can sometimes be a bit of a blindspot with monday to visualize a high number of boards efficiently for reporting as you mention. We strive to devlop efficient solutions that enable ultimate reporting in a very simplistic way. The less boards to report on the better and we can develop a solution to give you the best of both worlds.

I would be happy to discuss this with you further to see if we can be of assistance. Feel free to book some time with us with the below link. And also check us out online to learn more about what we do!
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Hi @OliviaH, the dashboard widget I believe may be best for this would be the “Table” widget. That allows you to show several boards within one table while editing the viewable columns and groups from each of the boards.

Assuming you have each of the tasks within each board assigned to people, you can also use the “Dynamic” feature under the “Person” filter for that widget to only show the rows relevant to that user.

Hope this helps!