Displaying data from item updates

I want to display information from my item updates but would be available outside the updates section, perhaps as a view.

It would be similar to the list that appears within the updates.

Is this possible in some way?

Hey Celeste!

When you mention the list in the Updates Section, are you meaning the individual updates that you can scroll through?

Are you looking to display just certain columns from your items? Perhaps you could use the Cards View to show the item information in a similar fashion? What do you think?

I’d love to hear a little bit more about your use case and what you would like to see so I can suggest a solution that works for you!

Thanks @CharlotteK .
Yes it is the scrolling itemised updates I would like to display more easily.

We use updates to track emails, calls etc with each stakeholder. It works well for us because we can email dierectly in to create an update, rather than add an update later (and perhaps forget).

But for infrequent users we would like easier access to the ‘hisotry’ for a stakeholder.

I think it would be easy for these users to > find the view > filter for the person > scroll through the history of interactions.

At present they need to find the stakeholder, find the updates button (some people find this unclear) then find the right veiw to scroll through the history, then open them to see the full text (e.g. an email trail).

I hope this makes sense…