Display Updates In Overview View

  1. Is there a way to display my updates in the Overview View ? I cannot see a Widget to add it to the overview screen. I would like to see everything on this one view , not switching to different tabs.


  1. Can you combine Updates with Emails and Activities view, so we can just have one single view of all updates + emails + activities in one widget, so everything can be in one place. At the end of the day , updates + emails + activities , are all just updates , they are different types of updates but still just updates. I don’t see the logic in having a separate update tab, it doesn’t make any sense.

Let me know if you have any solutions.



Anyone have any view on this one ?

Yes agreed–the emails/activities and updates need to be streamlined better – have the option: to either have emails separate and “chats” in the updates separate and then any other activities separate or to have them combined all in one thread. Right now it’s a weird mix of both.