Subitem updates reflected on its main item update

I am aware there is a widget that enable one to see all updates on a board from the dashboard view.

When an update is posted to a subitem, it’ll be nice to is it linked to item updates section too.

A visual to show on the main item speech bubble. This will be useful when an update hasn’t been posted to an item over the 7 days but the subitem has been updated more recently and has been posted by myself.

I hope I have been able to convey this properly. If anyone in the community knows a way around, please do share.

@afash, we actually wrote a small python script to be able to move all the updates from sub items to the main items. It is running on 0 cost in AWS Labda (but you can run it in Zap if you want) triggered by Monday’s webhooks.

This might sound too complicate, but actually it is pretty easy, and much cheaper then Monday apps/extensions generally.

We open sourced the entire solution:

Feel free to reach us out if you need help on this or solve any Monday situation: