Doc. with no Owner, but with a red crown

In a document I, as an owner, appear with a red crown. However, it does not let me do anything with that doc. as an owner would. I am also the Admin, so I check in my portal and that doc. appears with no owner??? I can’t change ownership, either.

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I’m speculating, but I wonder if it’s a glitch.

Can you copy the doc and take ownership that way? Or copy paste to a new one?

Yes, I can, Fred. It just happened to be in the one board.

Thanks Xavier.

To me, this sounds like a system error. If copying it resolves it, I’d go that route, and recommend sending a note to just so they can log it for issue tracking.

I appreciate your advise, Fred. I have followed up with your suggestion and sent an email to support.


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Wonderful! Thank you!

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