Does Dropbox File "Uploads" Count Against Storage?

We need to connect our Dropbox account to our Monday boards so we can side-load files into tasks. If we us the “Add Files” link in Monday and select “Upload from Dropbox” and select a 100GB file from our Dropbox account, does that count toward our Monday file storage? Or, is it just a virtual link pointing to the remote file on DB?

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Happy to clarify here.
If you are uploading a file this will count towards the storage limit - even if the file is from Dropbox as it is being uploaded to monday.
Alternatively, you can use The Link Column and paste a link to the file here instead. This will not count towards the storage limit as the file will not be uploaded. Clicking on the link will open the file in another tab.

It’s also worth noting that the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded is 500 MB so it wouldn’t be possible to upload a 100GB file.
If you are looking to save storage space and you need to upload large files, you might like to consider adding them as ZIP files instead.

If you’re using the Standard plan or above, you can keep track of your storage usage via the Admin menu. You can read more on this here: Where can I track user engagement and storage capacity?

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Thanks Dani, this is perfectly helpful.

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