The storage remaining keeps adding up even though I deleted all the files. the storage (500MB-20B-100GB) linked to the accounts. does it reset anytime? Can I delete files and will I get that file’s space again?

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The file storage limit of an account does not “reset” ever. However, if you are at the 100GB limit (for example) and you delete 5GB of files, then you now have room to add 5GB worth of new files to the system again before hitting the 100GB limit again.

For the different file capabilities we have, check out this article: How to manage my files in

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Adding onto this question, if an item is moved to archive, does it still take up storage?

Do large amounts or items with links ect (not files) add up to the data limit?

Hi @Amanda115 :wave:

Any files that are attached to archived items will still count towards the storage allowance of the account.

The storage limit refers to the file storage limit - you can create as many boards etc as you’d like.

You can read more on how to track your storage usage here:
Where Can I Track User Engagement and Storage Capacity?

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