Does face to face set up and training exist? North Yorkshire

I’m finding it really difficult to set up and understand Monday.
I think we need some training. I don’t know if we have the right package (basic) to allow us to use Monday effectively.

We are a small Interior design company and we’ve got multiple projects on the go involving subcontractors. We want to be able to track each one as well as seeing an overview of all projects in the same place.

I’m sure that this is really simple to do, but we just don’t have the time to do the research, which is why we really could do with the assistance. Any Monday genius’ in the Harrogate area want to do this with us?

Hi @kath!

Extra support and training does exist through our Partners and Professional Services arm :slight_smile:

You can learn all about our partners here, You’re also more than welcome to reach out to our support team via who would be happy to jump on a call or screen-share and talk through any questions you have.

Hi Kathryn,

Hope you are well? Did you manage to get the training help that you needed with your business?