Does need to improve transparency, responsiveness, and development priorities?

Hi everyone, Oron from engineering here.
I have to say I really appreciate your engagement and detailed explanations about the missing features. You have no idea how helpful that is to us, and how seriously we take this in the teams.

Wanted to shed some light about the linkage features - we’ve been getting a lot of requests about the features you’ve brought up in this thread, specifically:

  • 2-Way mirroring/linkage - Being able to see the linked items and mirrors on both boards
  • Selecting entire groups/boards on the link-to-item column
  • Linking to multiple boards and mirroring their column values

We know these can be really useful to a lot of our users, I could make use of them myself honestly. We do plan to add these features over Q3 however the timeline is not finalized since we are still working out the priorities. We will post here when we have more concrete plans.

BTW - Linking to multiple boards is available through a beta granted feature that you can request via the support email. However, we did keep this as internal beta since Mirror is not yet supported, and it is mostly useless without it.


Hi @oron, really great to hear you guys are working on this. Having this feature implemented will change our work processes drastically in a positive way. I’ll be watching this thread closely! Cheers!


Hey there @hlopezvc I’m Dana from the customer success team, and also part of the Boards Core domain who’s in charge of all the board features. I’d love to hear about your use case in regards to having a customizable pulse ID, as we do see many requests about this and want to make you guys happy!
I’ll send you a direct message :slight_smile:


Like many other I too are following this thread with interest. What was started by @hdurey Hunt as a very positive feedback with opportunities for improvements ended up in complaints about missing features.

I hope all of use will make better use of this important forum. Let’s try to discuss missing features etc in a separate thread and prevent hi-jacking a more general thread like this where users share thoughts about the future direction and NOT “I need this feature NOW”

Have nice weekend and hope you all stay safe and healthy.


Product Roadmaps and Transparency

These are two broad topics that I’d like to explore some more, following up on @dipro’s post above.

First - touching on transparency and keeping users informed - it looks like in Q4 2019 the Monday team stopped updating the all-platform roadmap. Then the link went dead, with a redirect to the home page. Since then, there were numerous unanswered forum posts affirming the high value of the roadmap and asking where it went and when it would reappear. Six+ months went by until @dipro’s post (much appreciated) in this thread explaining, for the first time I can find, what happened and mentioning a new roadmap strategy.

Looking forward, this is an example of how Monday can do better by improving transparency and user knowledge, and managing expectations for Monday’s development plans. Important decisions like this should be communicated to users up front, even if just to say “We need to change this thing because…, and we don’t have a plan to share yet, but we’ll keep you updated here.” (And then follow through on the updates.)

Second, I have seen many Monday responses to feature requests that go something like this, “Hey, thanks so much for providing that great input (or telling us about this need / problem you’re having)! I’ll be sure to forward that along to our development team!” While that initial responsiveness is great and very appreciated, it is not helpful if there isn’t substantive followup or information provided to tell the user what the development team actually decides it will do about the request. And if action will be taken, then providing ongoing info on progress and timeframe. This is equally true if the decision is to do nothing or back-burner it because it’s a relatively low priority for x-y-z reasons.

Third, with the decision made to no longer share a platform-wide roadmap, I suggest additional effort by the Monday team to improve the visibility and organization of overall development priorities and roadmaps for specific features / functionality. More broadly, I would like to see a single space (Monday web page or new section of the Community platform?) dedicated to informing users about the current plans, progress, and timeframes for specific development priorities. @dipro’s post above is a perfect example of an update that should be made available in a “development hub” info space where many people can see it.

Rather than having bits and pieces of info scattered throughout the forum, this dedicated space would summarize and update big-picture priorities, provide info on development team org. structure (with leads identified), and list links to all roadmaps that Monday decides to share. Each roadmap could also have it’s own dedicated discussion thread to capture (again, in one place) all of the user input, questions, etc., as well as Monday team updates, about development progress. This would further benefit from more direct input by the development team members, like @oron’s post above. Having a single, well-organized development hub for Monday and its users to track and communicate about specific priority development topics is key.

To summarize my suggestions:

  • Improve pro-active communication with users about development plans, progress fixing / completing existing features, and significant changes (like the roadmap)
  • Improve responsiveness and transparency regarding what action, if any, will be considered / taken to address user requests, together with follow-up progress and updates
  • All of the above would be greatly facilitated by creating a dedicated “development hub”, for priorities / plans, development team structure, and tracking and communicating about high priority / high demand development features and fixes via the roadmaps.

Thanks to the Monday team for engaging in this discussion and considering the suggestions!


Beautifully written and couldn’t agree more with the shared concerns here. I had experience with and they run their company similarly - have roadmaps, planned release dates, extensive communication regarding testing, what’s finalized and their community can vote on patches and enhancements they most need for their business. The days of giant software companies working in a vacuum seem to be gone and the customer’s opinions are valued again! How lovely!

I fully agree with what’s being said here as I’ve experienced the same a number of times.

As a business, we want the ability to see a breakdown of where our staff have used their time. To me this seems like a fairly important feature. I’ve explored the API, and found that the time-tracking column API doesn’t provide the breakdown of sessions.

It seems such a shame to me that because the API is incomplete, it stops users being able to ‘fill in the gaps’. - This would make core missing features less of a deal-breaker.

Regarding roadmaps, I do think this is important. For businesses waiting for features like we are, if we can see that a feature is being worked on, we’re far more likely to jump in and deal with the missing feature initially as we know it’s coming.

Hi @danielfew,

This is off topic. Let’s not use this important thread for all people requesting / demanding additional features. Please open a new thread for new feature request.


Sorry @basdebruin that wasn’t my intention. I’ve already requested this from Monday. I was more highlighting our own experience and that I feel the same where there’s pre-existing functionality that feels unfinished, and I agree with what was said above by you:

“Make sure the API supports new features as soon as they are released, but before doing that make sure the API support simple things like setting status values and adding / deleting guests to a board”

Perhaps I didn’t word it well and it came across as a feature request.

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@danielfew you can add this here:

Hi @oron - since we are past Q3 now, can you update on the second item in your list - “Selecting entire groups/boards on the link-to-item column” ?

This is a problem I am experiencing right now. Thanks!

I haven’t received a Captain’s Update email for a few months now. Are they still going out?

Is there anywhere we can learn about Monday’s development priorites for this year? I still miss the old roadmap on your website :cry:

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I agree it would be great if we could learn about what’s on the roadmap this year. Are there no quarterly emails or webinars or anything?

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Used to be but they’ve dried up.


I greatly enjoy the use of Monday, but there are also several features competitors have that would be great to see on the platform. Being able to see they’re on the horizon via a product roadmap would help ease some frustrations. While the lack of a feature here or there is to be expected on any platform, eventually they will pile up and not having any idea about the future of a product makes it difficult to continue using. I think every customer wants to know the company they’ve partnered with it actively addressing feedback.


Hi team, I wanted to loop back around here because I’m finding it really hard to keep up with releases at the moment. What’s the best place to go for a single source of truth about software updates?

It’s hard to make the most of’s features if we don’t know what they are!


I’ve been using since the early days. And it’s gonna through some surprising, unwanted changes related to roadmap transparency.

What we used to have that no longer exists:

  • A single roadmap view only page. This roadmap page no longer exists. Instead the closest thing we have to what once was is their subitems feature roadmap.
  • What’s new was the single location for new feature updates. Always looked out for the red dot. This is no longer consistent. Things get announced sometimes on the forums first, sometimes on their YouTube channel, sometimes in the app.
  • Monday.labs for beta testing cool new ideas that may or may not make it to the official product release.

Things used to be easy to find and understand. Now it’s a huge headache.

  1. To get access to beta features, we now need to reply in the forums and ask the team to add our account.
  2. There is no roadmap transparency.
  3. There is no one location for new feature announcements.
  4. There is a monthly YouTube video with what’s new for that month. I don’t think this is advertised anywhere here on the forum. But I found it by accident, and am now looking forward to what will be announced in their May video.

Oh also I think a lot of the original team members have left. Looking at their profile, it shows they haven’t logged in since 2020. :disappointed_relieved:



A single source of truth for updates was requested in these forums 18 months ago. Unfortunately, little has changed. If anything, it has got worse. Sometimes YT, sometimes FB, sometimes these forums, sometimes in Monday Labs.

Interesting. I’ve often wondered if staff turnover is contributing to these inconsistencies.


Hi everyone, it will be good to hear from you Monday team on this topic.
On this days, at least IMO, im noticying some things that takes my attention:

  • There are no many new features improvements on this months. I have received some emails information between months with repeated information (but looks like different improvements but the bottomline is that they are the same). Also there is no monthly webinar invitation to know the new monthly features launched. This impacted too in youtube channel having a last features webinar recorded on april. We are starting july.
  • The same old massive voted features are without response from the team, there are moderators on this days taking care of this forum or we are alone? The new responses is just us from time to time to ask if there is any news on this or that topic, but no response from Monday.
  • The new launched (paid apart) app workforms, that in some things is mixed with and get (At least for me) me confused about what is monday and what is workforms (for more information see the april 2022 webinar where it was announced some new features for “FORMS” and it wasnt for FORMS, it was for WORKFORMS.
  • A extremely needed solution from about 3 years ago was to fix the timetracking column, that doesnt allow to (you know the rest because in any moment you read it on this forum), well there is not solution for this on native platform and no solution in any apps, because there is no more efficient thing that having a column real-dedicated to track time, instead of item views, dashboards, and the rest of paid-apps.

What was formidable and marvelous about was the quickly response to our needs, the real roadmaps, and many cool more things…

just my toughts.


@hdurey I’m new to and I am not an advanced user like you, but I do so the lack of functionality in the core functions of One of the things I like about Salesforce is that they are very clear about their development road map and although they only release twice per year, they do a good job at communicating when you should expect certain functionality to be available.

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