Due Date Automation Not Working

What did i do wrong here?

Why did my status column did not change to Due Today?

The date is exactly today. Please help.

Hi @TJ_S ! What time do you have the automation set to fire? When you set the “When” part of the automation, it makes you select a time, so I wonder if maybe it’s set to later in the day.

I set at 7AM, And it’s past 7AM in my time

@TJ_S if you want to hop on a quick Zoom all to look at this, I’d be more than happy. Here’s a link for a 15 min meeting. I’m in the US at Central Time. Calendly - Julie Thoreen

Hi @TJ_S ! Christina here from the monday.com team. It looks like you may have connected with Julie on a call to look into this. But just in case, I want to also point out another possible cause of the issue. Automations do not trigger retroactively, so if the due date has already arrived when you create the automation it will not trigger. It should work for any upcoming dates.

Thanks for posting!