Dullard needs help on Formulae

Hi there, I’m wondering if what I want to do is possible. I have a status box, it can be changed to dropdown if necessary, I want to check the value of the status/dropdown and depending on such value I want the box to reflect the value of one of a set of other box’s.

So for instance, if the status/dropbox = defined, I would want another column to be populated with the contents of SP-CMM 2. NOTE: These are log text box’s.


I would recommend using the SWITCH function. The basic format would be as follows:

SWITCH({Status}, "Defined", {SP-CMM 2. NOTE}, "Second Test Value", {2nd Result Column}, "Third Test Value", {3rd Result Column}, "Value Returned on No Matches")

You can specify as many “on this value”, “return this” pairs as you want.


Wish they used the traditional Case syntax. Its alot more intuitive

Thank you so much.

This works brilliantly. This old Podge is going to look so clever to his colleagues :sunglasses:

All I need to do now is make all the text wrap in the cell as it does in a long text cell :frowning: Or, am I asking the impossible :yum:

Erm, I don’t even know what the means :thinking:

Mind you, I did say I was a dullard :joy:

But, I do so love Monday Boards.

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