Formula Help - Calculating Value based on Results within Two Status Columns

I am trying to calculate different values based on the results in two status columns.

For example this use case is tracking costs for contractor graphic designers.

Status Column - Graphic Assignment


The ad design cost varies based on the package price as well as which designer is chosen.

For example: If package= Beginner and Graphics Assignment is John $50
If package= Pro and Graphics Assignment is Stacy $90

Any suggestions on a formula?


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Yes this can be achieved. You will need to employ the Formula Column with two Switch Formulas:

Function: SWITCH
Description: Checks if a condition on a specific value is met, if so, returns the result of that value, o/w returns the default result (if exists). The pattern is: SWITCH({Column}, “val1”, “result1”, [“val2”, “result2”], …, [“default”])
Example: SWITCH({Priority}, “High”, 3, “Medium”, 2, “Low”, 1, 0) => 2 (in case priority is “Medium”)

So in your case, the formula would look something like this:


Replace the x,y,z with your $ values associated with each status. Note that the SWITCH formula is case sensitive.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there!

As mentioned in @andrewalmand’s response, the SWITCH formula is a wonderful option to output a value based on two conditions!

I would propose one change to the already amazing formula that was recommended: adding in a default option after the SWITCH function’s values and results (in the below formula, this can be indicated by “0”:

SWITCH({Graphic Assignment}, “John”, 3, “Stacy”, 2, “Ryan”, 1, 0) + SWITCH({Package}, “Beginner”, 3, “Pro”, 2, “Basic”, 1, 0)

The change here is adding in the default value of 0 at the end of each SWITCH function. Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi @JCorrell / Jim,

Thank you so much for reaching out about this! This was my first post in the community as I am very new to the team. I truly appreciate all of your feedback and have since edited my post to ensure I am not overlooking the amazing work of Andrew!

In my post, I was trying to add more insight into the formula since it appeared that the proposed formula was missing the default values required in a SWITCH formula, which if missing, will result in the formula to error. My sincere apologies for how that came across, and the solution has since been listed to the original post instead.

Again, thank you so much for reaching out, you’ve been extremely helpful as I navigate communicating with the community :slight_smile:

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Kudos on your response!

I get, and applaud the effort to add additional details and accuracy. Thank you for that.

The monday community group has a lot of people willing to help out, even though for most of us it gains us nothing. I simply think it’s important to give credit where credit is due and to foster the attitude of helpfulness.

Welcome to the party.

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