Duplicate board not carrying all AUTOMATIONS to the new duplicated board

I am duplicating a board that contains 44 automations(recipies).
When the new board is created I see only 39 automations (missing 5 automations). I’ve tried to do that many times… I already opened a ticket to support.

Please, does somebody already faced this problem?

Maybe this is a bug from the platform.

I already executed the steps bellow, but not success:
I’ve tried:

  • using Chrome (clear history)
  • using Microsoft Edge (Clearing history)
  • using incognito navigation (anonymous navigation)… on both browsers…

(by the way: all automations are ‘on’).



Is there anything at all that you can tell that is unique about the 5 missing automations that are different from the other 44, e.g.: when they were created, type of trigger, restrictions on columns referenced, mirrored columns, standard recipes vs custom, referencing other boards, etc.?


Sorry Jim,

I understand your question and I think it would be good approach… but…

I have some recipe that have the same behaviour but only consider ‘different groups’.

Some of then were duplicated… some do not.

I can show you bellow:

1-This recipe was duplicated to another board: (1.1.15 and 1.1.18 are groups)… the logic is the same… only groups are different…

2- This recipe bellow was NOT duplicated (and have the same logic/structure)…

Both recipes are ‘on’.

I am testing ‘Monday.com’ using a free account (as you know …14 days of experience using ‘pro’ account experience).

With this problems (missing Automations/recipies When duplicate boards)… our company are in doubt in adopting this platform if we have problems or bugs in duplicating boards and recipies.

Imagine if we have 500 automations… and in the duplicated board… the platform carry only 100… in this case we will spend new time to developed recipies (400!!!) already existents on another board.

(it is not good!!!)

I do not know if this BUG happen only in free/testing account…

This case would be priority to your development team to check… This is a very strange behaviour…

Tks for your help…

Best Regards





Sorry , I thought U were from tech Support from Monday.com

I sent the same answer to support Monday.com





The example you gave does seem to indicate an issue. Submitting it to support was the right call. Hopefully, they will be able to get it figured out and resolved quickly.

For what it’s worth, I believe that monday is a solid product with a very good support team. I have almost 40 years of experience working with business related software. I can’t think of one system or package in that time that I considered important that I didn’t run into an issue with at some point. I also can’t say whether or not monday is a good fit for what your needs are. But I will say that if, based on what you know monday can do today, it meets your current and foreseeable business needs, I believe you will be able to depend on it performing as solidly or better than any other solution available.


tks Jim for your feedback regarding the platform. I’m trying to solve this issue with support.

Best regards

Dear Jim,
(Just to share)

I think the support ‘identified a pattern’ regarding this problem.

All recipies (automations) that has integration with ‘email’ (in my case… Outlook)… are not carrying to new duplicated board.

I am waiting the next steps from the support team.

tks a lot
Best Regards.


Good to hear. Thanks for keeping us/me up to date!