Duplicate boards are invisibly linked and can't be unlinked

I duplicated some boards and resources lists within the same workspace then I deleted the links between them afterwards. However, the owners of the original boards are still linked to the duplicated boards. I have to add them as owners to all the duplicated boards or they get locked out of their boards that I duplicated. I am considering deleting and rebuilding the duplicated boards to work around this issue but it would be nice to have a fix instead.

@CCope Hi Chris,

I’d love to help, however I don’t fully understand your issue. In any case, I’m sure that this can be solved without having to remake any boards.

You mentioned that they need to be added as owners to the duplicated boards or they are locked out. Is that because the duplicated boards are private?

Perhaps you could share some screenshots or a video demo of what’s happening.

These are private boards. I’ll get some more specific details. When I say locked out, I mean the owners for the boards I duplicated can’t see content on their original boards until I invite them the new boards I created using the duplicate process. I went back and removed all the connections on my boards (they carrier over during duplication) but that did not help.

@CCope Please do share some additional details when you get the chance. A video would be really helpful.

For instance, what are you trying to achieve? Why are you duplicating the board and what is the issue with granting them access to the board? Do they really need to be owners or can they be members?

Just as a guess, I wonder if the issue is as follows:

  • Perhaps you are removing the connections but not disconnecting the board (if that is your goal).
  • In the column header for the connect_boards column, click the three dots and open column settings. There you can see which boards are connecting and disconnect the entire board (as well as any item connections).
  • It sounds like you have some restricted view columns. Usually you wouldn’t need to set a board owner unless you had some columns restricted. If you have restricted view columns, what is the purpose of these?

@FrancisElliott Thanks for your Help. I think we’ve got it resolved. I duplicated Board A to make Board B. Afterwards Board A owners could not view mirrored columns on Board A. I then found that if I invited Board A owners to Board B, then the previously hidden columns of Board A were again viewable to Board A Owners (not a good fix though). Board A added a new owner to their group who again could not see the Board A mirrored columns. I cleared out all Board B connections to Board A but that did not resolve the issue. I had Board A owners add me to the Board A owners group which did resolve the issue. Upon exploring Board A, I found that Board A had a connection to Board B. I removed that connection, and this appears to have resolved the issue. I’m sure the Board A folks will be back to see me if it did not.

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