Templates & linked boards

Hi Everyone.
we have set up 2 boards for our business that are linked & mirrored to each other in a few columns. this board is saved in a workspace for templates on our app and also saved as templates.
we are having issues when creating it as a new board in a different workspace both by duplicating the board and when creating a new board from the template the linked columns do not ‘link’ any longer.
is it something we are doing wrong?
many thanks in advance!

hi @Andrea75

Welcome to the community. The behavior you are experiencing is indeed what it is, no wrong from your side. Depending on automations / integrations in your templates you might want to check out “workspace templates”. These can be created by going to Avatar>Developer>Create app>Workspace templates.

This allows you to add multiple boards in an app and when you use that app later it will create a folder with the boards in the same structure (and as far as I know maintaining links and mirrors). Hope this is working for you.

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