Linked items in separate boards keeping same owner

I have a board that is linked to another with this automation.


Everything on board A is created on board B and linked but there are other Items on board B that are on on board B

I need to keep the owner of the linked items the same on both boards no matter which board they are set in ideally without someone having to update both boards, is there a way to achieve this?

i have looked at automations and cans see anything that does what I need also the mirror column wouldn’t work as cant set from either board but would flag is there was a mismatch.

anyone got any suggestions for something I have missed?

You may be able to work around this… dont use the “Creator” column in your original board, but create a new person column called “Creator”, and have an automation “when new item created assign the creator” to this column. This person column can then be used on your automation to fill in a field on the new board… Not elegant, but gets around the issue.