How to add same item instance in 2 boards


i have main board for all team members and a board for each team member.
i want to add an item in the main board, set the owner. and based on the owner i want the item to automatically appear in the owner’s board.
is this possible somehow?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @natali, thanks for posting!

At the moment it’s not possible to have the same item live in multiple boards (like the main board and the owner’s board). What would you think about using the table widget in the dashboard function as your main board, with all the owner boards combined into one place, and then each team member could have her individual owner board?

You could automatically create new items in other boards based on triggers from the other boards using automations, but it would not be the same as the item from the main board and it would not sync in real time. Does that make sense?