Duplicate look of boards and cells to custom view

I’m looking if someone got this before me.
I’d like to duplicate the table view in my custom board view and add some functions to extend the functionality of cells.
I’ve checked on monday.com design system but can’t find their tables view that will allow me to reproduce that view.
Did someone have some, library that solve that problem or got already some solution to that?
Maybe I’ve checked in the wrong place. All code snippets/thoughts are welcome

Hello there @mpsujek,

Just in case I misunderstood, what you want to do is to replicate the main board in a board view so you can add functionalities to it, while it looks like the original main board?

Hello @Matias.Monday ,

That’s right,
That is exactly what I’m looking for, need that to add some extra functionalities to the board.

Hello again @mpsujek,

The closest I know to this would be combining the different tools you have in Vibe, the design system you mentioned.

But let’s see if someone else in the community has some third-party library they know about :crossed_fingers:


I’ve checked that already but there is no element like this

That what I’m looking for.

monday.com currently doesn’t provide the table view as part of it’s UI components. If you want the look of the table in monday.com, you will have to build it yourself manually.