Duplicating the items of one column in a group to other groups on the same board

Hi, so our company is utilizing monday.com for our social media marketing efforts and we have the Campaign Tracker board with the set Planned, Live and Completed groups on this one board. For some of the columns, I don’t want to have to keep copying and pasting the same information from one column to another. Is there a faster or better way to duplicate items in one column from one group and have the items automatically paste/update that same info for the rest of the groups on that same board with an automation, dependency column or a batch action?


Hey Bonnie! If I understand correctly, it sounds like the batch actions will be your best move here!

If you were to do automations, they would only trigger for individual items so you would have to trigger all the items you want moved in order for automations to do it. It might just be simpler and faster to do a batch select and duplicate.

Let me know what you think!

Hi Charlotte, thank you for your answer. I will look into batch actions again. I am using this for tracking Social Media.