Copy a Value from a Column to same Cloumn to all Items in that Board

I need to copy a Value of one Column (Project Number) to all Items (sorted in various Groups) down into same Column.
Automized by a Trigger.

Usecase is to be able mirror many different Items into other boards to by one same ID.

Haveing a Project board with several different Groups (general info, Stage gate Phases, financials, Risks, Actions,…)
This Data should be collected (mirrored) to various Boards (financials data of all projects, or Project Status of all Projects)

Any idea how to get this done?

Hey Alexander!

For the pre-existing items, you would have to manually add in the value you want in those column cells but for any new items, perhaps you could do an automation like “When item is created, set number to __”

What do you think about this idea?