Copy a value to another board

Hey everyone, I have two boards. They share the item list and a Price value. I need to to know if its possible to enter the price for an item, and then via automation have this value copied to the same item in the second board.


Board 1
ITEM: Chair / Price / Material / Manufacturar / Quantity

Board 2
ITEM: Chair / Price / Client / Address

I would like to enter the Price value only once in board 1, and automatically have it completed in board 2.

Thanks a lot!

hi @Marcelo_BCN

There are several options here. Out-of-the-box you can use the match automations provided by monday.

If you don’t want to use mirror columns (e.g. you want to use the value in board 2 for further calculations / automations) there are several apps that can do a lookup in another board based on a matching column and return the value to a normal monday column. The app Match-Index Column (see Apps Marketplace) uses a simple integration recipe to dot this.