Dynamic Board Resizing to Match Document Width

I’d like to suggest a feature enhancement for a more seamless integration of Boards within Documents. Currently, embedded Boards are always displayed at full width, which can clash with narrower Document layouts.

Feature Request:

Introduce a feature where embedded Boards automatically adjust their width to align with the Document’s width. This adjustment would ensure a consistent layout, improving the visual harmony and user experience.


  • Visual Consistency: Matching the Board width with the Document’s width enhances layout coherence.
  • Flexibility and User Experience: Users gain flexibility in design and a smoother integration of Boards into Documents, enhancing the overall experience.

Implementation Suggestion:

Automatic resizing could be the default behavior, with an option for manual width adjustments if needed. This approach balances automation with user control.


An adaptive resizing feature for Board embeds would significantly improve the integration of Boards into Documents, aligning with Monday.com’s goals for a flexible and user-centric platform.