Board types (synching board types and bulk updating)

As a user, I would appreciate the ability to assign board types to boards. In doing so, this would open the opportunity to synch and bulk/update other boards of that same type.

As an example, if I assign a board to a type “Tasks”, I could optionally force all Task board to have the sames columns (synched automatically); deleting a column in a type board would delete it accross all other task boards. We could apply this to deleting, adding, settings, ordering, width, statuses, tags …

This would be great and make things efficient for those of us who use hundreds of boards!


Great suggestion! We use for example a Planning type, or a Backlog or a Checklist type. I find myself updating 20 boards or more per type whenever we make a small change in our work process


HI Eltjo, is there an update on this?

Hi @abiciea

This isn’t something we have planned right now. I think basically this thread relates to syncing boards made from the same template so if one changes, you can choose to have them all change the same way.

Right now this isn’t something we have planned but we will pass along the feedback and keep it coming! :boom:

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This is critical for us to continue adoption and improvement of, especially for larger companies.

If each time we make an update we have to touch every single working project/board that was already implemented, it is really hard for us to implement with a plan for continued optimization and use of this product.

We are implementers/architects/developers on a MAJOR cloud application, and if we were to need to touch every use case for one improvement, this would paralyze us and our clients, and thus the application would be poorly received.

This does not seem scalable to me, as is.

Would appreciate Monday taking a look at how we can potentially support our users (through optimization phases of implementing Monday). May want to utilize effective dating, and some settings which allow the board to be set as opt-in/out of updates to the base template?

Thanks for considering!