Edit Templates - Column Templates

How do I edit a template once it has been created? Specifically Column templates. I have a column named ‘Module’ and it appears on several boards, do I have to go into each one to add a new module? If this is the case, can I submit a feature request to make templates more manageable?

Ideally, you can edit options and settings of Column Templates you save and those changes cascade to the columns on existing boards

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Hello Phil! Can you please explain how I can access this setting?

Hey Kristin,

Here is a knowledge base article from monday that may help–> https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005466609#column_templates

Let me know!

We work with 500 people in our enterprise structure.
This includes 20+ workspaces, i.e. 20 teams.
Each team needs different columns, for which we use templates.
When these templates are created however, they cannot be edited after creating.


  • Make column template names editable after creation
  • Have an admin view for which template is used in which workspace
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