How can I change the name of a column template?

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How can I change the name of columns that have been added as templates? Templates I have made myself and templates others have made in the account don’t all make sense.

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Hi @MStam!

This is a great question, and one that I have followed up internally with my team about as it appears it isn’t possible to rename the column without creating an entirely new one :confused: I will circle back here once i get a reply - thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your patience! I have recently heard from the team who confirmed that at this time it isn’t currently possible to rename the column template I am afraid. You will need to create a new one and name as you like :pray:

Hi Bianca, that is too bad. Can it be added to a backlog for implementation in future?
Many thanks, Maxine

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I can definitely share your feedback with our product team! We also encourage you to submit this feature request here to increase votes and visibility :pray: