Templates connected boards name change

Hi everyone,
I am trying to make a template for two connecting boards. Everything works fine until I change the name of the templates. I have to change the name of the templates because it is an Onboarding sheet which should relate to a specific person. Therefore I want the name of the new employee in the templates name. Any thoughts on how I can handle this problem, without having to connect the board and the cells again?

Hi @anja.pantucek :wave:

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This sounds like a really interesting workflow, and I’d love to see how we can get this up and running correctly for you.
I’m afraid I don’t completely understand the issue you’re experiencing in regards to changing the names of the templates.
I wonder if you could perhaps share with us a screenshot of your boards, or a short screen recording, so that I can get a better idea of the issue you’re running into?

Due to privacy reasons, we can not see or access our users’ boards or account, so this is why seeing a visual reference is so helpful.

If you’re not comfortable sharing this within the thread do feel free to reach out to me via a private message!



Hi again @anja.pantucek :wave:

Just wanted to check in and see if you were still having issues here or if this was resolved.
We’d be happy to assist if you have any further questions on this!



Hi @Dani, @anja.pantucek - I think the issue is that the template has a two-way connected column built into the template. Once the template is used to generate a new board the connections no longer work as it was specifically built to connect to the template - not the “new board”. I have run into this numerous times and dont know a way around this other than to manually connect the new board.