Editable Dynamic Values in Workdocs

I’m finding the dynamic value function in a monday doc to be a very useful way for displaying data in a more easily digestible way than reading data directly from the items and columns.

What would make this a truly game-changing tool is if those values were editable from within the doc. At minimum, if I could edit text columns my workflow would become more efficient, but especially if I could change statuses, push buttons, etc.

This would basically allow the doc to act as an interface for all the data in the column.


Allowing editable dynamic values within monday.com Workdocs would indeed enhance its functionality significantly, enabling users to interact with and update data directly within the document interface. This feature could streamline workflows and improve efficiency by eliminating the need to navigate to individual items or columns for data entry or updates.

Implementing editable dynamic values could potentially open up a wide range of possibilities for users, such as updating text columns, changing statuses, pushing buttons, and more, all within the context of the document. This would essentially transform the document into an interactive interface for managing data, providing a more seamless and integrated experience for users.

By incorporating this feature, monday.com could empower users to perform various actions and updates more efficiently, ultimately enhancing their productivity and enabling them to leverage the full potential of the platform.
I hope you got your answer.