Editing Updates

Wishing we could edit the updates that automations puts on items.

Use case:
We attend many, many trade shows in the year. While the updates section is great for play by play, we are searching for a good way to have easy access to a summary space - quick and easy who is attending, where it’s at, what we’re taking, etc. The updates section tends to be a long list of activity to sort through when you want to grab that info.

We tried building an automation so that when a new item was added to our trade show board, an update was created. The update was a template doc that could be edited to always summarize that main information. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that no one could then edit that update. And, we have several people working on events at various times that we need a solution that a variety of people could edit on any given day.

We might toy with adding the Workdoc - but the Updates section is way more convenient and much easier to access.

Looking for any feedback if others have built anything worthwhile to this effect.