Edit updates created by automation

Hi Monday Users!
I am creating a board to have all applications in one common place. We use the updates on the pulses to store additional applicants information we get from telefon interview in form of a checklist (just a lists to not forget some questions).
I created a form where the basic information for the applicant is stored. Then an automation takes this information plus some manually added information (in the automation) and adds all of this to the pulse update.
Now I would like to edit this update but monday wont let me since the creator of the update is not me but the “automation”.
Any ideas how I could edit this update?


If you use the API to do the update creation using Integromat or similar you could use your access token for authorization. By doing that it will look like YOU created the update.

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hi @JCorrell thanks a lot for the quick reply!
I am using the automation function within monday. The automation looks like this:

“when an item is created create update with this text

The Text I insert consists of some already filled pulse details like “items name”, item date" etc. plus some additional text bits that i dont want to create columns for like “nationality:” “potential entry date:”, “commuting distance:” etc.

I then would like to manually fill out “nationality”, “potential entry date”, commuting distance" by hand within the auto-created update…but cant :wink:


I get it.

Unfortunately, that is the way that automations work. My suggestion would require using an integration instead. Then calling an Itegromat scenario or custom program. Using that method would allow you to use your access token which would make it look like YOU created the update.

I think that it would be great if you could use the automation you mentioned to create an update that any user could edit. You might want to search and see if this has been a previously requested feature in the Feature Feedback category and up-vote it (or add it if not there already.)