Jotform submission edits update in

I have a Jotform form that can be edited. Whenever a form is submitted, it creates an item in
Using any system (, Jotform,, Power Automate, etc.), how can I set that when a submission is edited on Jotform, it should edit the column values in, instead of creating a new item.

Hi @Soroh :wave:

There are a few native integration recipes for jotform; one of which being:

But that still is an update and not amending existing column values in specific places. You could potentially layer another solution is using an extract app to grab the update and put that into the line item but starts to get more complex from there.

Checkout ‘Superform’ on the app Marketplace:

What does pricing look like?

Pretty good :slight_smile:

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Looks great! The problem with this though is that I have an enterprise account at Jotform, and the integration doesn’t work for the enterprise servers (weird, I know).
I can only go from jotform to Monday, and not the opposite way around.
Any other ideas?