Eliminate item from all boards

Dear Community!

I have created a tool using monday.com to manage projects in my company.

The workspace is structured across several tables starting with an initial “Lead table” to register leads. Once a lead proves viable, we change the status and an item is created on the next table and so on, slowly cascading through each table in the workspace as the lead becomes a project and advances through the project development stages.

As these items are created, they are also automatically linked between one another (including links to a separate “Master board” that mirrors all the items on the individual boards at each stage).

However, if we want to eliminate an item from any of these boards, we currently have to individually look them up on all the boards and eliminate them (basically, as the item advances, it leaves breadcrumbs throughout the other tables).

Is there any way to eliminate an item and all its breadcrumbs in one action?

Looking forward to your answer and many thanks in advance!!

Hello @CMedlam,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

If you would like delete an item across different boards using the item name, the Duplicates and Uniques app can help you with that.
I made a quick demo of how you can do that.

If you need any help, you can reach out at support@kolaai.com