Emails & Activities: Email formatting does not appear in the sent email

It’s frustrating to see formatting that looks correct in the composing screen (such as bullet points) but change completely when the email is sent out.

The most common issue is that bullet points that have any indented points under them get merged into just one bullet list at the same indent level and different bullet points (like numbers or letters or symbols) all get changed into the same type. (It’s hard to show an example here because the html formatting options don’t work the same)

Is anyone else experiencing this?

(Note: I searched for this topic before posting, but the only similar post I found was from two years ago for “Communihub” emails, which doesn’t exist any more so I went ahead and created this new topic.)

Hey @kimmp,

I’d love to better understand what is occurring for you here, as I am not able to reproduce this behaviour. Is it possible to share some screenshots as an example of this occurring - ensuring no sensitive data is shown in the screenshots? Alternatively, you’re welcome to send me a private message via community :pray:

Hi @kimmp - Are you composing from scratch in the E&A window to build your bullets, or are you copy/pasting and then tweaking them? I wonder if perhaps there is some stray HTML that is being copied in from an external source.