Emails & Activities tracking emails for all individuals who have been emailed or cc'd on an item - Filtering for Item Specific No Longer Working

Due to a recent update the Filter that allowed you to display only Item Related Details no longer is working via the Email & Activities. Instead it is showing all emails associated with the email column despite not being associated with that Item. A thread that once was 5 Emails is now 600 + and you can not narrow it down to item specifics.

Support communicated that there is no plan to update or change this recent update and it is causing our boards performance to lag as it is trying pull in this amount data.

Any other solutions to resolve this issue?

Hey Tina - I’m not sure I follow, but just to make sure you’ve turned every stone, have you adjusted the filtering settings in Emails and Activities of a specific item?

Check my screenshots and let me know if this is what you’re looking for or if you’re missing another option that I’m not aware of.

Yes - That has been a setting we had been using. Some of the items do not have that option at all at this time.

In talking with support there is bug/ issue currently so we are giving it a few days to see if it corrects our issues but the original messaging was that the filter was changed to pull in all emails based on the email column on the board and connected boards into Emails & Activities. If that is the case my team needs the ability to filter on the item itself and not the email column as I may have multiple users with multiple items for the life of the board. This update will cause the feature to become meaningless to my team.


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Got it - thanks for the clarification. I hope it gets fixed soon!

Hey Tina!

I thought I’d jump in and confirm the behaviour here so there is no confusion :pray:

You’re correct about the update to item-related activities filter. On the previous E&A infrastructure, Item related activities filtered out email messages that were related to connected items, but it did not filter emails that were sent from the item directly using the E&A composer. This allowed customers to manage different items for the same contact and see the email messages based on the item the message was sent from (a ticketing system use case).

In the new infrastructure, the item related activities filter will only filter out email messages that are related to connected items. It does not filter email messages from the same contact, if that contact is listed on multiple different items. This is a ticketing system use case, which we do not currently support.

I hope this makes a bit more sense? We will certainly share your feedback to our internally as this is really important for future development and changes.

Thank you for the feedback!

Is there any solution/work around in these use case scenarios that we could look to in order to gain back the functionality we once had? While one of my boards acts as a ticking system. We are seeing the same occurrence on our project boards where we are adding people we need to provide updates on specific projects via an email column and are having the same issue because they may have multiple projects in progress at a time. Previously we were able to filter to just that project but now it pulls in all items. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply Tina - I hear where you’re coming from here. Transparently, from my understanding it isn’t possible to revert back to the old emails and activities infra. That said, I have followed up with our dedicated team and will let you know as soon as they respond :pray:

Update @TiaRee :pray:

I have heard back from our developers who have clarified that at this stage there’s no way to revert the changes, as the old infrastructure was deprecated. That being said, the team are discussing the ticket system use cases internally and that it is a feature being discussed to support in the near future, however there’s no specific timeline we can communicate at this point. Thank you in advance for your understanding of this :pray:

I am facing a similar issue but it is not affecting everyone on our board. There are only certain people whose emails are getting tracked. They don’t have emails & activities set up but still their emails and zoom invites are tracked.

This is causing a lot of problems for us. Have you identified any workaround?

Unfortunately No. The solution received up to this point have not resolved the issues we are having currently.