Email and Activities Search filter and Item designation

For context, my company may have one contact that is connected to multiple accounts and those accounts may be connected to one or more projects (items) at a time. At the moment, the Emails and Activities app is quite cumbersome for three main reasons in my case:

  1. The filters do not help unless I or a team member sends the email through the App or we know chronologically when that email was received, however this leads in to the next point.

  2. Every email to and from the contact is listed in every item that contact is connected to - for example Email A, which is regarding Project A is also listed in Project B and Project C.

  3. To ensure that a received email is able to be listed as an item in the Activity board instead of primarily being in the Emails and Activities App, I must manually forward it to that board which is likely to be a missed step which will create information gaps.

I would like to request a search function within the Emails and Activities app to find words either in the body or subject line.

Additionally, being able to designate which Item (project in my case) a received email will appear in would be incredibly helpful. I anticipate that it would be difficult to assign proactively, but as a starting off point, I would at least like to hide or remove a received email from an unrelated Item.