Emails & Activities - Filter & Setting Functions

We love using the Emails & Activities app within Monday, but we have some security concerns with it right now. We’re hoping for a feature request to be done about it.

Filters - Right now, you can filter your emails to “item related activities” and we all have that set in our system, but if someone turns off the filters, sometimes other associates on our team can see private emails that were logged into that they shouldn’t be seeing. This is a security concern for when private conversations are happening. It would be beneficial to have the filters setting be something that admins can turn on for everyone and then our users within the system couldn’t turn them off and see conversations they shouldn’t.

Reply All - Sometimes replying in the system doesn’t always work, it works if we send a new email, but sometimes using the reply section doesn’t and then our team thinks emails have been sent to clients when really they haven’t. That’s a huge concern too.

Hi @cmillier,

This is actually a new feature that we recently released in the Emails and Activities App which allows you to customise which of your team members will be able to view or write emails from your connected email account.

You can learn more about it here:

Is this along the lines of what you were referring to? :pray: