Emails to Deals

I have integrated Outlook to Monday CRM. To be honest I don’t remember how I did it. But it works. However, when I send an email from Outlook, that email not only is then added to my email & activities for that Deal but also any other Deal I have with the same contact. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Also, I cannot delete emails that are in the emails & activities. Is there a way to delete individual emails?

This has been a big issue for us as well - you can see some additional discussion at
CRM email tracking across different leads with one customer and Board specific Emails & Activities settings.

I now Monday is doing some work on the Emails & Activities tool, hopefully this is on their radar!

Hi @donmaupin!

As far as I’m aware, emails cannot be deleted from the emails and activities widget. Also, if the contact information is the same for two separate deals/line items, the widget will continue to pull all emails synced. The widget works entirely based off of the contact info, which can cause a few issues, like you’re noticing.

Like @mactoph mentioned, though, I’ve heard that Monday is working on improving the tool as well, so hopefully these updates come soon. :+1:

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It would great if they had an add-in for Outlook that you could choose the email string to attach to the Deal and keep them synced. I had used a add-in called Cloud Extend when I worked for a company that used NetSuite. It worked great.

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